Beware of Suspicious Notices Addressed to Your Florida Business Entity

Once an entity is formed or is registered in the State of Florida, the entity's information, such as the entity’s name, mailing address and registered agent, is made public and is thereafter displayed on the Division of Corporation’s website at

The information is made public so that banks, businesses, and individuals can verify that the entity has been properly formed and that it is operational in our State. However, the public nature of the information makes it susceptible to manipulation by scammers looking to make a quick buck.

Third-party companies, not associated with the State of Florida, will often s

end notices to the entity’s mailing address, as listed in Sunbiz, either (1) offering unnecessary and unwanted services; (2) demanding payment for annual reports by pretending to be the Division or Corporations; or (3) will demand payment and/or request sensitive information pretending to be the registered agent for the entity.

If you receive a suspicious notice in the mail, take the following precautions:

  • Carefully review the notice
  • READ the fine print
  • Check the address where the notice originated
  • Check for non-governmental agency statements
  • Call your registered agent
  • Call the Division of Corporations

If you receive a notice regarding “Annual Minutes” or “Annual Corporate Record Forms” disregard the notice, as Neither form is required by the State of Florida.

Article by Bonie S. Montalvo, Esq

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